Shopping Nude Lipsticks!


Who doesn’t like a nude lip? It’s hard not too. Being a WOC when you find a good nude you want to share it with the world. So on that note let me tell you about these little treasures I found while shopping at MAC.

Siss: $10.00

For me this lipstick works well with a lipliner. This is a warm brown lipstick with a yellow undertone to it. With a satin finish this lipstick has a semi-matte finish. It glides on creamy and it’s filled with pigment. I think this color will soon be discounted, so get it while you can.

Persistence: $17.00

It’s a warm peachy brown shade, this color for me works well with or without a liner. It’s a matte, a little drying, however that’s how I like it. The staying power is awesome, and the color pay off is awesome as well.

Mamma Starrr: $17.50

Patrick Starrr did his thing with MAC. I had to get this lipstick not only for my complexion, I had to have for my kit. The packaging gives me sparkling life. This lipstick is a rosy brown, it’s darker than what I expected, and I love it. This lipstick is a Satin, with a high dose of pigment. This is going to be my Spring/Summer color, so I guess I’m going to have to buy another one so I won’t run out. Plus it’s Limited Edition so I better hurry.

Yash: $17.00

This lipstick is a pinky brown, I find that a liner is needed with this lipstick however I can wear it without. This is also a matte, so you already know I like it. Plus the pigment is awesome. For a matte this lipstick glides on the lips like butter. So once again with a liner I can kick the color up, or I can tone it down. That’s the power you have with nudes.

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